UNICORE Resource Broker NJS Plugin

Package org.eurogrid.broker.server.globus

This package contains the Globus Resource Checker module.


Interface Summary
Translation.SearchTest Search result filter.
Translator Unicore-to-Globus resource description translation engine interface.

Class Summary
GlobusResourceChecker Local resource checker targetted at Grid systems accessed using the Globus protocol suite.
SimpleTranslator Basic Unicore-to-Globus translation service that is fixed to target MDS2.2 and does not use an ontology at all.
Translation This class contains the translation of the Unicore resource set into generic terms that may be fed into a Globus directory service.
Translation.Constraint A constraint on the node search.
Translation.Search A search for a node in the Globus information tree.

Exception Summary
Translation.ValueNotRequestedException Exception thrown to indicate that a the value of a constraint that was not specified for retrieval in the search phase was asked for.

Package org.eurogrid.broker.server.globus Description

This package contains the Globus Resource Checker module. This consists at the moment of the LDAP search engine and associated resource translation classes. The package was developed for the GRIP project, Workpackage 2.4.

To use the Globus broker, you should use this local resource checking module by using a local section, like this:

  <local class="org.eurogrid.broker.server.globus.GlobusResourceChecker"
    <grip:mds host="foo.bar.com" port="2135" baseDN="o=Grid" />
    <grip:translator class="org.eurogrid.broker.server.SimpleTranslator" />
    <grip:fallback> <!-- Note that the fallback class is fixed -->
Note the use of namespaces. The turnaround time script bit of XML does not use the "grip:" prefix because it is actually using the surrounding main namespace (assumed to be the same as the local tag, namely the EUROGRID Broker namespace.)

UNICORE Resource Broker NJS Plugin

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