UNICORE Resource Broker NJS Plugin

Package org.eurogrid.broker.server.gt3

Brokering engine updates for GT3-based IndexServices.


Interface Summary
XPathSearcher Encapsulation of what it means to perform an XPath search.

Class Summary
GT3LocalResourceChecker Local resource checker that uses a GT3-based InformationService.
IndexServiceSearcher Implementation of an XPath searcher that uses a GT3 Index Service.
Translator UNICORE Resource to GLUE XPath search term translation service.
Translator.Translation What a term is actually translated into.

Exception Summary
Translator.TranslatorException Exception generated when setting up the translator engine.

Package org.eurogrid.broker.server.gt3 Description

Brokering engine updates for GT3-based IndexServices. Uses an ontology-driven translation engine.

To use the Globus Toolkit 3-based broker, you will need to configure the local resource checking module using a local section, like this:

  <local class="org.eurogrid.broker.server.gt3.GT3LocalResourceChecker"

    <!-- Where does the search proceed from? -->
    <grip:searchSpace sde="Host"

    <!-- XPath requires nasty stuff to work with namespaces -->
    <grip:namespace ns="glue"

    <!-- Where to read the translation ontology definition from -->
    <grip:map ref="file:/home/unicore/grip/U2GModel.xml"

    <!-- The fallback policy -->
    <grip:fallback> <!-- Note that the fallback class is fixed -->

UNICORE Resource Broker NJS Plugin

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